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Workshop on the Economics of Parking, November 28th 2016


This conference will focus on the recent developments in the economics of parking. By bringing together researchers from different countries, it seeks to become an international meeting to discuss the developments and challenges of research in this field.

The workshop will bring together academics, policymakers and practitioners from the public and private sectors to discuss those issues. The conference format will be designed to facilitate informal interactions among participants.

In order to attend the workshop you have to register via the following link. Registration is free, but places are limited. Further info.


Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics,
October 27th-28th, 2016

 AQR-IREA is pleased to announce the 2016 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics, to be held in Barcelona on October 27th-28th, 2016. The workshop will be focused on innovation and the spatial diffusion of knowledge with emphasis in collaboration networks. Its aim is to bring together researchers in urban and regional economics who are working in topics where the broad concept of the geography of innovation plays a fundamental role. Particular attention will be paid to papers dealing with the mechanisms and actors of knowledge diffusion (knowledge spillovers, networks, technological collaboration, and knowledge relatedness). Although the Workshop will focus on empirical papers, theoretical studies are also welcome.